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Portugal. The Man Woodstock Vinyl Click for larger image

Portugal. The Man Woodstock Vinyl

Portugal. The Man
Woodstock Vinyl

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19,99 €

Preis wie konfiguriert: 19,99 €

Bundle Includes:

Woodstock Vinyl   +0,00 €
Instant Grat - Noise Pollution (feat. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville)   +0,00 €
Instant Grat - Feel It Still   +0,00 €
Instant Grat - Number One (feat. Richie Havens & Son Little)   +0,00 €

* Erforderliche Angaben

This is the vinyl version of Portugal. The Man's Woodstock album.

*Please note that the vinyl won't be delivered until late July, but you will still receive the album digitally on the June 16th release date.


1. Number One ft. Richie Havens & Son Little

2. Easy Tiger

3. Live In The Moment

4. Feel It Still

5. Rich Friends

6. Keep On

7. So Young

8. Mr Lonely feat. Fat Lip

9. Tidal Wave

10. Noise Pollution feat. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville

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