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Billy Talent

Billy Talent
Hits DVD + CD

Hits DVD + CD

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Hits DVD + CD
CD Tracklisting:

1. Try Honesty

2. River Below

3. Nothing To Lose

4. Devil in a Midnight Mass

5. Red Flag

6. Fallen Leaves

7. Surrender

8. Devil On My Shoulder

9. Rusted From The Rain

10. Viking Death March

11. Surprise Surprise

12. Stand Up and Run

13. Kingdom of Zod

14. Chasing The Sun


1. Viking Death March

2. This Suffering

3. Try Honesty

4. Stand Up and Run

5. River Below

6. Rusted From The Rain

7. Nothing To Lose

8. Devil In A Midnight Mass

9. Devil On My Shoulder

10. Fallen Leaves

11. Surprise Surprise

12. Red Flag

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