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The Best Of CD Click for larger image

The Best Of CD

Joy Division
The Best Of CD

The Best Of CD

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The Best Of CD
1. Digital
2. Disorder
3. Shadowplay
4. New Dawn Fades
5. Transmission
6. Atmosphere
7. Dead Souls
8. She's Lost Control
9. Love Will Tear Us Apart
10. These Days
11. Twenty Four Hours
12. Heart And Soul
13. Incubation
14. Isolation
1. Exercise One [BBC Live version)
2. Insight [BBC Live version]
3. She's Lost Control [BBC Live version]
4. Transmission [BBC Live version]
5. Love Will Tear Us Apart [BBC Live version]
6. Twenty Four Hours [BBC Live version]
7. Colony [BBC Live version]
8. The Sound Of Music [BBC Live version]
9. Transmission [BBC Live version]
10. She's Lost Control [BBC Live version]
11. Ian Curtis and Stephen Morris Interviewed by Richard Skinner

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