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Ferdinand - Vinyl

Left Boy
Ferdinand - Vinyl

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Track List

1. Father of God
2. Sweet Goodbye
3. Got Damn
4. Rose Garden
5. Kid
6. Gold Chain
7. 17
8. Dance with the Devil
9. Book Club
10. Chemistry
11. Superstar


Bonus Tracks

01. The Return of...
02. Nothing Will Be the Same (Sweet Dreams) [Father of God]
03. Let It Go (Sweet Goodbye First Version)
04. At the Hotel Before Summerjam (Rose Garden First Version)
05. Kid (Version Fifteen)
06. Dance with the Devil (First Version)
07. Let It Go (M-Phazes Version) [Sweet Goodbye]
08. Kid (M-Phazes Version 1)
09. Kid (Milo Mills Version 10)
10. Rose Garden (Milo Mills Version 3)
11. Romeo and Juliet (Chemistry Version 5)
12. Romeo and Juliet (Chemistry Version 8)
13. Rose Garden (Marrakech Version 7)
14. Rose Garden (Mirko Version 5)
15. Let It Go (Barry Kuenzel Master) [Sweet Goodbye]
16. Rose Garden (Baroque Version 1)


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