Joy of Nothing CD
Foy Vance

Joy of Nothing CD

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Recorded in Donegal, Ireland and produced by Irish producer / musician / engineer Michael Keeney, ‘Joy Of Nothing’ includes 10 original songs written and performed by Foy Vance, and includes very special guest appearances by Ed Sheeran (on ‘Guiding Light’) and Bonnie Raitt (on ‘You And I’).

‘Joy Of Nothing’ is an evolving journey, a constant search for artistic expression captured in the moment, operating well away from industry standards. You’ll hear echoes of Otis Redding, Richie Havens, Tom Waits and Van Morrison in Foy’s music - legends he’s already being compared to and definite influences.

1. Closed Hand, Full of Friends
2. Joy of Nothing
3. At Least My Heart Was Open
4. You and I (Feat. Bonnie Raitt)
5. Feel for Me
6. Janey
7. Paper Prince
8. It Was Good
9. Regarding Your Lover
10. Guiding Light (Feat. Ed Sheeran)