Live At The Royal Albert Hall  Blu-Ray

Live At The Royal Albert Hall Blu-Ray

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The standalone Blu-Ray comes with an array of additional features: four music videos (Inhaler, My Number, Late Night & Bad Habit); Holy Fire HD audio; CCTV (Bad Habit, Stepson, Late Night, Milk & Black Spiders, Bluebird and Moon) and Blogotheque (Late Night) sessions; a making of the album documentary entitled

Screen Format: 16:9

Sound Formats: All content has Stereo PCM. RAH content additionally has Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

Running Time: 87 minutes


1) Prelude

2) Olympic Airways

3) My Number

4) Bad Habit

5) Milk and Black Spiders

6) Blue Blood

7) Late Night

8) Providence

9) Spanish Sahara

10) Red Sock Pugie

11) Electric Bloom

12) Moon

13) Inhaler

14) Two Steps Twice

Bonus Blu-Ray tracks

15) Total Life Forever

16) Balloons

17) Miami